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In April of 2008, the Institute of Archaeology, University of Wroclaw, initiated a multidisciplinary research program called Tambo Project. The project work concentrates on the area of the Tambo River basin which spans borders between two South Peruvian departments, Arequipa and Moquegua. The project is intended to present an analysis of human settlement in Southern Peru in the context of climatic and environmental change in the basin of the Tambo, starting from the late Pleistocene until the modern age.

The Tambo Project is part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community (Marie Curie Actions; Grant: MIRG-CT-2007-209938); it also counts on financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland and the University of Wroclaw. The Peruvian side is represented by the Santa Maria Catholic University in Arequipa and regional representatives of the National Institute of Culture of Peru (Instituto Nacional de Cultura), as well as of the governments of Arequipa and Islay. The fieldwork is planned for the period 2008 - 2012 and divided into two stages:

I - survey of the basin,

II - excavation and geodesic research on the selected areas.

The Project team is set up not only of archaeologists but also of specialists in the field of anthropology, botany, geology and geodesics. Dr. Jozef Szykulski, professor at the University of Wroclaw and the Santa Maria Catholic University in Arequipa, is in charge of the scientific research work. The coordination of all of the activities within the project was entrusted to Prof. Dr. Jan Michal Burdukiewicz from the University of Wroclaw. The Peruvian side is represented by Dr Augusto Belan Franco from the Santa Maria Catholic University in Arequipa.

1. Project Tambo - Press conference in Arequipa

2. Arequipa; Plaza of Arms

3. Environs of Torata; the Tambo valley

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